Welcome to the Lush Life: Nosara’s Green Season at Sendero

During the months of May to November, Nosara’s “green season” takes place, and the rainforest comes to life. While the landscape of Nosara is consistently jungly, verdant, and beautiful throughout the year, the green season genuinely lives up to its name.

Nestled between the ocean and a nature reserve, Sendero Hotel in Nosara, Costa Rica is in the perfect location to witness the magic of the green season. As a tropical dry forest, we don’t receive much rain from December to April. It’s during these green season months that the Nosara area receives the nourishing rain that sustains our ecosystems throughout the year. With this change in season, life in Nosara slows down a bit, creating a calmer, and cooler, atmosphere.

One of the first things that catches travelers’ eyes during the green season is the transformation of the famous dirt roads from dusty to muddy. This change symbolizes the beginning of a vibrant and lively period here. Once the rains start, Nosara’s jungle comes alive, and the area becomes a symphony of greens. The lush flora and exuberant fauna create an immersive experience, allowing you to feel deeply connected with mother nature whether you’re relaxing at Sendero Nosara, enjoying a yoga class or on a waterfall adventure.

During the peak tourist months, many visitors overlook the unique experiences and opportunities that arise during the less crowded green season. Embracing the green season at our luxury boutique hotel has many rewards, and we want to share with you the reasons why we enjoy this special time of the year.

Here are ten reasons why we absolutely love Nosara during the green season at Sendero Hotel:

1. The Power of Green

The lush, green environment of Nosara during the green season has real benefits for your well-being. Studies have shown that the color green can have a calming effect on the mind, enhance creativity and even improve reading ability. By surrounding yourself with the vibrant greens of the rainforest, you’re giving your brain a natural boost, promoting relaxation and inspiration. Usually the first thing to catch visitors’ eyes at Sendero Hotel, you’ll discover lush landscaping and sustainability efforts are a centerpiece of our design. 

2. Tranquility Abounds in Nosara

Nosara is always a tranquil spot, but during the green season, you can experience true serenity. With fewer tourists around, you have the chance to immerse yourself in the peacefulness of the rainforest and truly unwind. The absence of crowds allows you to get to know more locals and enjoy a more intimate experience, forging lasting connections with the people who call Nosara home.

3. Feel More Connected to Nature

During the green season, you can follow the rhythm of nature’s schedule. If it rains, it’s sometimes nature’s signal to you to sit back and take it easy, allowing you to feel more connected to the natural world around you. Embrace the opportunity to slow down and enjoy the beauty of Nosara’s rainforest that many visitors miss out on during the most popular months for tourists. To us at Sendero Nosara, this is a luxury of life.

4. Cozy Up with Your Beverage of Choice at the Hotel

Whether it’s tea, coffee, or a cocktail, there’s nothing quite like cozying up at Sendero Hotel’s restaurant with your favorite drink in hand, watching the rain fall outside. We’re biased, but pretty confident that we have the most talented bartenders in town, and they’re ready to whip up the best cocktails (and mocktails) for you. The sound of raindrops creates a soothing ambiance, making it the perfect time to relax and savor your beverage of choice.

5. The Sunsets

Prepare to be mesmerized by the breathtaking sunsets with a unique green season twist. The combination of rain clouds and sunshine creates a stunning display of colors in the sky, painting a vivid backdrop for your evening relaxation. One of the best parts: at Sendero Nosara, the beach and the surf are only a one minute walk along the path from the hotel.

6. Waterfalls Adventures (and more!) around Nosara

Yes, Sendero Hotel is a luxury surf hotel, but the adventures don’t stop at surfing! The increased rainfall during the green season transforms the landscape, offering unforgettable adventures. Experience the beauty of waterfalls and river crossings as you explore the area via car, ATV, horse or by foot. Nosara is home to multiple waterfalls, all of which thrive during this time of year. They become ideal locations for hikes and refreshing dips, adding an extra element of excitement to your green season adventures. Talk to Sendero Hotel’s boutique and bespoke concierge anytime to set up your green season activities.

7. Wellness

Take advantage of the green season to focus on your wellness. The hotel’s concierge at Sendero can also recommend and organize for you to enjoy peaceful yoga sessions, rejuvenating spa treatments, and nourishing meals made with fresh, local ingredients. The calm and serene environment of Nosara during this time of year provides an ideal setting for self-care and rejuvenation. 

8. See the Awe Inspiring Arribada – the Turtles’ Arrival

Nosara is part of the Ostional Wildlife Refuge, where one of the biggest turtle arrivals and hatchings in the world takes place. It’s a rare opportunity to observe the natural wonder of thousands of turtles making their way to the shore to lay their eggs. Just half an hour away from Sendero Hotel, up the coast of Nosara’s beaches, you can witness this incredible phenomenon. It happens about once a month throughout the season, with September-November typically hosting the largest of the arribadas, or arrivals. Side note: when the turtles aren’t hatching, Playa Ostional is one of the best surf breaks in the Nosara area for advanced surfers.

9. The Sound of Rain

The gentle sound of rain can be soothing and therapeutic at our tranquil boutique hotel. During the green season, you can enjoy the calming rhythm of raindrops, whether you’re relaxing in your room, lounging around Sendero, enjoying a yoga class or sound bath. The rain adds an extra touch of tranquility to your time in Nosara, Costa Rica.

10. Flora and Fauna of Costa Rica

The green season brings an abundance of flora and fauna, adding to the already rich biodiversity of the area. Immerse yourself in this thriving ecosystem and discover the wonders of nature up close. From vibrant flowers such as orchids to exotic wildlife like motmot birds (our favorite) and the iconic Blue Morpho butterflies, Nosara’s green season offers an opportunity to witness the intricate beauty of the rainforest. Plus, when you go off land and hit the surf, this is the time that whales and dolphins are quite active!

So, What’s a Normal Day Like During the Green Season? Does It Rain Every Day?

We get this question a lot. Costa Rica is known for its microclimates, making rain unpredictable. However, during the green season, rain typically occurs in the afternoons and evenings, about once a day, ranging from a few minutes to a few hours. The temperatures are comfortable, with averages ranging from 26 °C (79 °F) to 33 °C (91 °F) during the day and never lower than 20 °C (68 °F) at night. Additionally, the Nosara area sporadically experiences “veranillos” or “mini summers” during pockets of days or even weeks when the rain temporarily subsides, offering days of sunshine reminiscent of the dry season.

Visiting Sendero Hotel, Nosara’s newest luxury boutique surf hotel during the green season is an opportunity to embrace the lushness of the rainforest, find tranquility, and indulge in unique experiences. Don’t miss out on the chance to connect with nature, witness breathtaking sunsets, embark on adventurous journeys, and immerse yourself in the thriving ecosystem. Come and experience the magic of Nosara’s green season for yourself – you won’t be disappointed.