Sendero Hotel

Sendero Hotel / LOOP Design Studio

(ArchDaily) – Sendero is a hotel in Nosara, Costa Rica, where the jungle meets the ocean. Located on the site where Mamma Rosa, the first cabins in the area, once stood, the aim is to rebuild on an already existing footprint. Just a two-minute walk from the sea, Sendero offers a blend of architecture and beautiful gardens. The architecture and design are inspired by elements of traditional haciendas, such as exposed wooden beams, arches in the hallways, rounded edges on the walls, bricks, and ceramic tiles. Sendero is a place of serenity and tranquility, reflected in its color palette – neutral, soft, with a touch of earthy tones that do not compete with the surrounding nature.

In terms of sustainability, Sendero has implemented strategies such as protecting the trees on the property, covering 60 percent of its electricity needs with solar panels, using high-efficiency fixtures, capturing rainwater for reuse in toilets, and making 50 percent of the hotel area permeable ground to recharge the local aquifers. Materials were sourced locally, such as bathroom tiles, concrete, and rapidly renewable wood, while others were reused, like bricks and clay tiles, emphasizing the hotel’s commitment to sustainability. Sendero aims to integrate nature, surfing, design, and art to create unique spaces that feel right.

— Paula Pintos

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