Sendero Hotel

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Sendero – Chic hotel in Costa Rica

(Actual News Magazine) – It is in Nosara, in the land of pure life, which hides the sublime Sendero hotel. There, the watchword is “well-being”. As the boutique hotel is next to a nature reserve, we opt for a jungle room, to admire the lush jungle from our bed! We also take advantage of the outdoor shower, on the balcony, to connect with nature. Architecturally, Sendero is a perfect marriage of modern and traditional Costa Rican. You can also recognize the characteristics of a hacienda, including the wooden beams, ceramic tiling and grandiose arches (bonus points for using local recycled materials!). As the conservation of natural resources is at the heart of the concept, the hotel has established a rigorous waste management program. It collects and treats rainwater and black water. Surfers who come to brave the waves of Nosara will therefore be able to stay there with a clear conscience. And that’s good: we find, just a few steps from the establishment, no less than 8 km of undeveloped beach.

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