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Artful Exploration: Engaging with Nosara’s Creative Communities

Exploring Nosara’s Art Scene: A Journey through Klei Arts, deCERCA Gallery, and Campo

In Nosara, our vibrant art scene harmoniously intertwines with the natural landscapes and the creative personalities of our visitors and locals. At Sendero Boutique Hotel, we invite you on an inspiring journey through our town’s burgeoning art scene, combining the serenity of our boutique hotel with the imaginativeness that echoes through Nosara’s artistic community.

Klei Arts Center: See and Do

Embark on a journey from art appreciator to artist at the inspiring and inviting Klei Arts Center. Blending gallery exhibitions and eclectic events with hands-on classes, Klei offers a dynamic experience for art enthusiasts and novices alike. Klei thoughtfully curates events to compliment their temporary exhibitions. From musical performances to contact-improvisational dance to sound healing, this creative community takes a wonderfully interdisciplinary and inclusive approach to the artistic experience.

After getting your fill of artistry in their gallery or at an event, ride your wave of inspiration into one of their art classes- whether you’re taking on the potter’s wheel or a charcoal pencil. Klei’s instructors offer an accessible and tailored class experience for everyone. On your way out be sure to stop by Klei’s pottery shop to take home a beautiful representation of your beautiful experience.

deCERCA Gallery at Sendero: Appreciating Costa Rican art from the comfort of your hotel

Situated in the vibrant core of Nosara, deCERCA Gallery showcases a diverse art collection featuring a wide range of Costa Rican artists, spanning from emerging talents to seasoned professionals. Our intent at Sendero Boutique Hotel was to ingrain beauty and inspiration into every moment of your visit to our property. As such, it’s impossible to miss deCERCA’s stimulating exhibition as you sit down to enjoy your amazing food at Sendero Kitchen, or make your way to your room.

DeCERCA’s carefully curated collection conceptualizes the country’s evolving art history, showcasing expressive figurative and abstract landscapes. Through an array of mixed mediums like paint, photography, installations and collage, the gallery seamlessly weaves together the creative perspectives of both modern and contemporary artists, encapsulating the rich tapestry of the local art scene.

Campo: Expand your artistic endeavors

Hidden in lush greenery a stone’s throw from the beach, Campo’s building and surrounding environment is as enchanting as its program offerings. From your stool in their El Estudio arts studio you may simply glance up for inspiration, from the glass paneled view of vibrant flora outside to displays of local artist’s works lining the walls, it’d be difficult to not find a source for your creativity.

Campo takes the cake when it comes to variety in offerings. Beyond their changing exhibitions and regularly scheduled ceramics, painting, and drawing classes, check out their calendar to browse classes like “ abstract art and microbiology workshop,” choir and experimental music,” letters of love,” and “exploring creativity and collaboration through flowers.” Cap your visit with a stop at La Ventanita for delicious dishes ranging from Costa Rican classics to creative fusions.

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