history of nosara

A Brief History of Nosara, Sendero Hotel’s Home

The history of Nosara is often overlooked, let’s dive into the roots we sprouted from.  

In this brief exploration of Nosara’s history, we’ll journey through the roots of this coastal paradise, touching on some of the many influences that have shaped the Nosara we know today. As we delve into this region’s story, you’ll come to see why this treasured place is the perfect home for Sendero, a boutique hotel that offers guests a modern and luxurious way to take in the essence of Nosara.

1. Origins and Indigenous Influence (1500 BCE – 1500 CE):

Nosara’s known history begins with the indigenous peoples who first called this land home. Dating back to 1500 BCE, these early inhabitants left behind a legacy of rich cultural traditions and sustainable living practices. The Chorotega (for whom we’ve named our surf school) and Nicoya tribes in particular were known for their talented and creative artisans who brought intricate artistry and innovative construction to everyday items. 

Sendero takes inspiration from these cultures’ reverence for nature and art, prioritizing a commitment to art and design that compliment the natural environment. This can be seen in the hotel’s design- at every vantage point one has the opportunity to admire Nosara’s astounding and diverse flora. Additionally, Sendero’s adoration for the arts is exemplified by its rotating gallery of local and international artists. 

2. Spanish Colonial Era and Agricultural Roots (1500 – 1800):

The arrival of Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century marked a significant chapter in Nosara’s history. As Spanish influence spread, so did changes in the local way of life. The fertile lands surrounding Nosara became vital for the conquistadors’ agricultural interests, with sugar cane, cattle ranching, and coffee plantations coming to shape the environmental and economic landscape. The remnants of this era can still be seen in the architecture and agricultural practices of the region. Sendero Boutique Hotel stands as a modern testament to this rich history, seamlessly blending contemporary luxury with the echoes of the past. 

3. Nosara in the 20th Century: From Fishing Village to Eco-Haven (1900 – 2000):

The 20th century witnessed the transformation of Nosara from a humble fishing village to Guanacaste cattle country a haven for eco-conscious travelers. As the world turned its attention to the importance of environmental preservation, Nosara embraced sustainable practices and conservation efforts alongside the growth of its tourism industry. 

The establishment of the Ostional Wildlife Refuge in 1983, home to the Olive Ridley sea turtles, is one milestone representing the community’s commitment to protecting the unique biodiversity of the area at Sendero takes much inspiration from this era’s exploration in balancing tourism with sustainable preservation practices.   

4. Surfing, Yoga, and Sustainable Tourism (2000 – Present):

The early 21st century brought a new wave of visitors to Nosara, drawn by its consistent world-class surfing conditions and a burgeoning yoga scene. Entrepreneurs and expatriates, recognizing the potential of Nosara’s untouched beauty, began to invest in eco-friendly resorts and wellness retreats. The community’s continued embrace of sustainable tourism has not only preserved the region’s natural wonders but has also contributed to the growth of a vibrant community committed to protecting the essence of Nosara. Sendero Boutique Hotel stands tall in this movement, offering a splendid yet eco-conscious escape for those seeking a holistically fulfilling experience.

In just a few centuries, Nosara has evolved into a sustainable paradise, warmly welcoming wellness seekers from around the world. Today, as visitors and locals alike bask in the beauty of Nosara, they are partaking in a history that continues to unfold, with each wave and yoga pose contributing to the narrative of this enchanting Costa Rican gem. 

Seeking to embrace the delicate balance between nature and human activity, Sendero Boutique Hotel offers a contemporary haven for those seeking a luxurious retreat deeply rooted in Nosara’s captivating history. Book your stay with us today!