Hidden Gems of the Best Costa Rican Foods in Nosara

While Playa Guiones and the Nosara area are already renowned for its surfing, yoga and wellness offerings, it’s worth noting that it’s also a haven for foodies and you’ll find some of the best food in all of Costa Rica.

In this charming town, you’ll discover a wide array of cuisines to satisfy your taste buds. At Sendero Hotel in Nosara, we believe that food is not only a way to experience local culture, but also a means to connect with people. It’s through the shared enjoyment of delicious food that we can truly immerse ourselves in the vibrant spirit of the community. 

Costa Rican cuisine is celebrated for its iconic dishes like Gallo Pinto, Casados, and Arroz con Pollo. Yet, the culinary wonders of this vibrant nation go far beyond these well-known favorites. Prepare to embark on a tantalizing journey as we introduce you to six lesser-known, yet equally captivating, dishes that are very popular and present in Costa Rican culture. Nestled in the picturesque town of Nosara, Guanacaste, these foods await your taste buds and transport you to a world of flavors and culture. At Sendero Hotel’s onsite restaurant and bar, you’ll find many of these dishes, ingredients always fresh and local. 

Ceviche – A Coastal Delight

In Nosara, Ceviche takes center stage as a beloved dish, and for good reason. Wander through the charming roads of town, and you’ll discover that almost every restaurant offers its own delightful take on this classic savory snack. What makes Nosara’s ceviche exceptional is the use of the freshest fish, often caught by local fishermen, ensuring a burst of flavors that truly celebrate the coastal bounty. This authentic delicacy features raw fish cubes marinated in the tangy embrace of zesty lemon or lime juice, delicately “cooked” to perfection by the gentle citrus essence. The marinated fish is then combined with a medley of onions, bell peppers, celery, and cilantro, creating a refreshing and enticing experience for your taste buds. Typically served alongside creamy avocado and freshly made crisp plantain chips or tortilla chips, Ceviche has become a culinary treasure cherished by both locals and visitors alike, with local families and restaurants adding their own unique twists to this beloved dish.

Empanadas – The Perfect To-Go Snack

In Nosara, you’ll encounter the delectable world of empanadas, which have earned worldwide popularity. These flavorful delights feature fried corn masa dough that envelops a delightful fusion of ingredients, ranging from savory combinations like cheese and beans, potatoes, or fish, to indulgent sweet surprises like macerated pineapple, butter, and sugar. Proudly showcased in multiple spots throughout Nosara, these handheld treats have become accessible and beloved street eats for everyone.

Tamales – A Symbol of Family Tradition

Deep-rooted in the heartwarming family traditions of Costa Rica, tamales have expanded beyond their once-exclusive association with Christmas celebrations in Playa Guiones. Wrapped in a soft and moist corn flour dough, these Costa Rican tamales enclose a delightful medley of seasoned meat, grains, and vegetables. Discover the authentic taste of these sweet tamales at the bustling Tuesday Organic market and various eateries, where local vendors proudly showcase their culinary prowess and invite you to experience the rich heritage of Costa Rican cuisine.

Sopa Negra – A Comforting Favorite

As the rainy season graces Nosara with drizzling clouds, Sopa Negra emerges as a cherished dish in Costa Rican households and restaurants. This hearty black bean soup harmoniously combines ground and whole black beans with bell peppers, onions, garlic, and celery, expertly seasoned to perfection. Served with hard-boiled eggs, rice, avocado, cilantro and cheese, Sopa Negra is a comforting and time-honored favorite comfort food. Indulge in the soothing aroma of this nourishing soup and savor the culinary essence of this Costa Rican tradition.

Copos – A Tropical Cool Down

Costa Ricans love this treat to cool off! There’s no better way to beat the heat than indulging in a refreshing copo. Finely shaved ice infused with Kola syrup forms the foundation of this delightful treat, crowned with a generous drizzle of creamy condensed milk. Copo artisans take the experience to new heights by offering an array of toppings, from fluffy marshmallows to velvety vanilla ice cream. 

Tres Leches – A Heavenly Finale

No culinary adventure in Costa Rica is complete without savoring the irresistible Tres Leches, a popular Costa Rican dessert that captivates the hearts of any sweet tooth. The vanilla sponge cake, soaked in a blend of evaporated milk, whole milk, and condensed milk, creates a moist and heavenly treat. Crowned with whipped cream, a hint of rum, and fresh fruit, Tres Leches is the perfect conclusion to your extraordinary culinary journey.

Beyond its breathtaking views and natural wonders, Costa Rica beckons with an array of flavors and dishes that will leave you craving for more, and you will find the best food in Nosara. From the refreshing copo to the heartwarming Sopa Negra and the sweet allure of Tres Leches, the lesser-known culinary gems of Nosara offer a truly unforgettable gastronomic adventure.

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