Time In Nosara

(Whalebone) – An interview with Sendero co-founder, Stefanie Tannenbaum.

If there was an award for throwing caution to the wind and following your dreams, there’s no question Stefanie Tannenbaum would be in the running. It all started with some family time in Nosara, Costa Rica. But instead of heading back to the big apple with surfing stories, a nice tan and vows to make a return trip, Stefanie, her family and her newfound business partner, Sarah, decided to ride things out a little longer—maybe open a luxury surf hotel or something. We’ll let her fill you in on the rest.

What sparked your and Sarah’s shared interest in your first project, Outpost?

Stefanie Tannenbaum: Sarah and I met in Nosara a couple of years ago, and our connection was instant. We bonded over our shared desire to find balance, intertwining our love for surfing, yoga and our children with our dedication and fulfillment in our work. At the time I did not know that my planned three-month stay in Nosara would take an unexpected turn due to the pandemic, resulting in an extended quarantine in Costa Rica. Thankfully, Sarah, who had already been living in Nosara, made the decision to stay as well.

As the months passed, my family and I grew even more in love with Nosara. It became evident that this place would play a significant role in our future. However, our rental home had its limitations, with unreliable internet and limited space, prompting me to daydream about the comforts of my office back in NYC.

Drawing from my expertise in luxury office spaces and playful boutique hotels, I started envisioning the concept of a resort town office space. When I shared this idea with Sarah, she was totally onboard, and together, we poured our energy into further developing the concept. Sarah’s extensive business experience in Nosara, coupled with her adventurous spirit, made her the perfect partner in bringing Outpost to life.

And thus, Outpost was born—a place that authentically captures the essence of a professional office while being far removed from the confines of a traditional workspace. It is a haven that allows individuals to immerse themselves in their work amidst the beauty of Nosara, offering a truly unique and fulfilling experience.

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