Hospitality: Be Our Guest

(MONOCLE) – What does it take to run a hotel that is beautifully appointed and has that personal touch too? We meet the hospitality enthusiasts who have traded in their day jobs to open their very own guesthouses in city centres, jungles and beachside.

Stranded in paradise during the coronavirus pandemic, this New York real estate manager decided to swap the urban jungle for a real one. Back when she was working in commercial real estate in New York, one of Stefanie Tannenbaum’s roles was asset management at the Rockefeller Center. While much of that work revolved around office tenants, she says, “we also had to curate the experience and work around the hospitality demands of the property”. This part of the job, she adds, “was much more interesting to me”. Tannenbaum suddenly had the idea to open her own hotel.

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By Monocle.